Approval of Relief Plan and Deviation from Normal Use

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Deviating from the Norm; use of the land contrary to the city building plan, the master plan, with the approval of the local committee is limited in time, Permission to use the land in violation of the building permit. does not have to be limited in time. An example of irregular use is permission to use part of an apartment as a store or business, or to use the apartment as a kindergarten . Such approval need not be time-limited.

Relief under planning and construct ion laws grants a permit for a deviation from the law that will allow the builder to build while deviating from the usual rules. This is usually an ‘addition’ of rights to the landowner who builds saturated construction, such as the addition of housing units without increasing the total area of construction, an addition of up to 6% of the building right.
Giving a permit for relief or non-intended use are exceptional and not ‘the ‘high road’, like the grotesque exploitation of the permit in the Yarkonim complex in Petah Tikva and at the Poleg junction in Netanya, which is far from what was intended. The procedure is usually to apply to the local committee for a permit for deviating from the original plan or relief.

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