Tel Aviv Real Estate

A Comprehensive Guide to Investing in Tel Aviv Real Estate

I plan to address what sets Tel Aviv property apart, why it is worth investing in Tel Aviv apartments, the characteristics of Tel Aviv real estate, Tel Aviv beach property for sale and more.

First, I will explain that the city is officially called Tel Aviv-Yafo as the cities have united in the past. But Yafo real estate is very different from apartments for sale Tel Aviv Israel and it is not relevant to treat both in one breath.

Regarding real estate prices; the average price of a flat in Tel Aviv is about NIS 3.8 million. Tel Aviv homes for sale are more expensive than any other city in Israel. The average rental price is NIS 7,800. The average price per square meter is NIS 48,000 and the annual return on rent is an average of 2.3% annually.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the price of a 4-room Tel Aviv home for sale (3 bedrooms) is NIS 4.2 million. The same apartment in Jerusalem costs NIS 2.2 million. In Netanya, the apartment will cost much less; NIS 1.9 million. And in Be’er Sheva about NIS 1 million.

Everyone knows that Tel Aviv real condos are most expensive in Israel, the richest city in Israel, the city with the largest purchasing power in Israel, and in a variety of categories of economic data – all have Tel Aviv in the first place.

But Tel Aviv real estate also ranks first in terms of profitability. Because according to the official data of the Central Bureau of Statistics, Tel Aviv houses for sale opens a wider gap between the rise in prices than in other cities in Israel.

Tel Aviv Property to Buy

In order to invest in Tel Aviv home for sale, it is worth getting to know the city and its important characteristics.

Here are some neighborhoods worth getting to know in Tel Aviv.

In general apartments Tel Aviv are much more popular than private houses.

Flats in Tel Aviv are identical as apartments Tel Aviv. Both mean the same.

Merkaz Ha'ir / Tel Aviv Center

If you’re looking for excitement Tel Aviv center is the place for you.

It’s always bustling with excitement. Located near the sea, and populated with many restaurants, cafes, bars and shops.

The people you will see are a mixture of the local population and visitors in the neighborhood.          

Here you will find the infamous Dizengoff Street, Circle, and Center, Rabin Square, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Lev Ha'ir

The majority of the landmark Bauhaus buildings are found here in the heart of the White City.

This area is very true to its name as it literally translates to the “heart of the city”.

In 2003, UNESCO declared Tel Aviv a World Heritage Site for its modern architecture.

With the constant growth in Tel Aviv this, Lev Ha’ir is becoming more and more beautiful each year as these landmark buildings are being highlighted through preservation and renovations.

Here you will also find the glorious Rothschild Boulevard, the renowned and newly revamped Sheinkin Street and Habima Theater.

Kikar Hamedina

This neighborhood has the city’s largest plaza and is renowned for being the most prestigious shopping area in the country representing the world’s top designers.

The neighborhood was designed as an upscale area at the time, which explains the wider streets and plentiful greenery.

Today, it is definitely a great area to raise a family within proximity to the city.

Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek is a picturesque, exclusive, and trendy neighborhood perched on a hill.

Particularly charming are its little streets and cobble stone roads.

Neve Tzedek is the original nucleus of Tel Aviv as it was the first Jewish neighborhood constructed outside of Jaffa.

What makes it unique is its style with sun washed, tiled roof, two-story sandstone buildings, its 19th century homes whose flowers spill into the streets Here you will also find the best of the best shops and gourmet eating in town.

Kerem HaTeimanim

Kerem HaTeimanim is the old Yemenite quarter of Tel Aviv; and neighborhood rich in culture and soul.

If you are looking for Tel-Aviv beach property for sale Nahalat Binyamin with its craft fairs is, in close proximity to the beach and a stone throw away from Shuk HaCarmel.

Its narrow streets house several authentic Yemenite home cooked restaurants, and many new residential buildings are appearing to accommodate the demand of city living near the sea.

Southern Tel Aviv

Southern Tel Aviv has become popular in the last decade.

It includes Florentine, Noga and The American Colony.

The area became very attractive because of the low cost of rent., Since then however, there’s been a steady rise in rentals and as a result the price of rentals rose.

In general, the continuous demand for apartment for sale yafo tel aviv.

The neighborhood is quickly evolving.

The streets are filled with sun basking hipsters in the many new cafes and bars that continue to open.

Jaffa Israel Real Estate

Jaffa -Tel Aviv is one of the world’s oldest ports and the original District of Tel Aviv,
As Tel Aviv developed in the past years, Jaffa became a neighborhood of Tel Aviv thus creating the official title of the city of Yafo-Tel Aviv.

It maintains its authentic Middle Eastern ambience while being restored with plenty of care.

The government has invested millions of shekels into Jaffa-Tel Aviv with a beautiful new promenade along the Port, as well as the creation of a huge park adjacent to the beach in the South of Jaffa-Tel Aviv.

This has caused a jump in the prices of Yafo real estate.

Since its restoration, Jaffa – Tel Aviv has become a popular tourist attraction, with people visiting it as a part of Tel Aviv.

The Flea Market ‘Shuk Hapishpishim’ is a must site with its small alleyways where you can you find artists galleries and studios, fashion boutiques and craft shops.

In the evening it transforms from superb bargain hunting area for anything under the sun, to many restaurants, with tables filling the pedestrian roads.

With Jaffa’s history, spectacular art galleries, fantastic little nooks and crannies where classic bars and chic restaurants are tucked into quaint alley ways, the likes of trendy, famous and with-it hotels have been welcomed.

Ramat Aviv Real Estate for Sale

Ramat Aviv neighborhood feels like suburbia.

It’s at the most northern perimeter of Tel Aviv.

Here you will find a newer area with 10-12 story buildings together with some ultra-luxurious high-rise buildings.

Since it is near the Tel Aviv University and the Ramat Aviv high-end mall, it attracts young and established families.

It is also a great area for young professionals, not yet ready to leave a lively city, but not quite ready for the quiet of a smaller town.

It’s perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center, raising a young family and those looking for better value for money.

North Tel Aviv, has been growing over the last decade.  

Easily accessible to all points in Israel, North Tel Aviv is also a center for shopping and dining, with Shuster Center and the Ramat Aviv Mall featuring some of Tel Aviv’s finest international brands and small boutique shops.

If you’re looking for Ramat Aviv real estate for sale, be aware., According to the ‘madlan’ website, the average price to buy in the Ramat Aviv C neighborhood is NIS 6.5 million.

The average rent is about NIS 8,500 per month, the average price per square meter is NIS 70,000 and the annual yield on rent is 1.5%.

Interested in purchasing a Tel Aviv house for sale that is close to the sea?

You should look around Hayarkon Street. You can also search in parts of the city close to Allenby Street.  And sometimes there are also good properties in the Yemenite vineyard.

Otherwise, you can buy a new and luxurious apartment in the ‘sea one Tel Aviv project’ which is up for sale now.

Land for Sale in Tel Aviv

Land for sale in Tel Aviv faces challenges that do not exist in almost any other city in the country.

This includes a lack of land reserves and future construction plans.

In simple words, there is not much new construction.

If you are interested in buying land in the Tel Aviv area then I recommend the big block.

There used to be a small airport called Sde Dov.

Now the land there is released for construction.

Contractors, developers, lawyers – everyone is trying to organize the landowners and build.

On the one hand, it is very easy to rent out apartments in Tel Aviv and there is a high demand for tenants, especially in areas near the university, the hospital or employment and commercial areas.

However, Tel Aviv is a center of attraction for a young population, and in many cases the rented apartment in Tel Aviv, is just the first stop in their lives.

This means for you that you will have to deal with a high turnover of tenants and make sure that the property does not remain empty over time.

Tel Aviv Realtors

In the United States there is a difference between realtor, salesperson, broker but in Israel there is no several types of brokers, they’re all the same.

If you are looking for a Tel Aviv realtor, it is worth using the large real estate agencies.
Every large real estate agency also has offices in Tel Aviv.
For example, Remax, Anglo Saxon and eXp. I am for example a member of eXp.

The big offices also know how to get along well with English-speaking nonresidents and they have specific departments that would love to service you.

Tel Aviv is very developed at the technological level and at the level of activity in social networks.
Therefore, those who want to find a real estate investment other than through a broker can search in closed groups on Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Telegram.