Courses and Books about Real Estate


I believe in sharing. Over the years, I have felt a deep need to make the world of real estate in Israel accessible to Americans. Real estate in Israel and the United States is very different, of course. Real estate eBooks is one way. The subject of taxes, the standards of construction, the construction itself, the financing, everything is very, very different.

Since I am an American-Israeli, I realized that I must do everything so that Americans understand as much as they can the world of Israel’s real estate. Everything is in English.

I have 25 years of experience in residential real estate. For many years I write on the subject are regular books and as Real estate eBooks. As an attorney, and as the owner of a real estate company I specialize in representing American clients for the purpose of purchasing homes and apartments in Israel.

I have been engaged in this work and have accompanied my clients for years. Sometimes over decades.

I have practical experience, and licenses to handle the entire chain of events. My abilities stem from my rich experience as a lawyer, as a notary, as a real estate entrepreneur, as a licensee to handle a credit rating, as a real estate agent. Similarly, in the United States, I have a license as a realtor, as a Home Inspector, as a licensee for issuing limited building permits and for the purpose of carrying out renovation work.

This is the kind of information that I want to share with you by on line courses by Real estate eBooks, and by many more ways.

I have a lot to teach based on my extensive experience and knowledgein the field of real estate investment and property management from many sources; among them, online real estate courses, real estate ebooks, real estate lectures, and regular real estate courses

Guide - How To Buy An Apartment In Israel
Guide - How To Rent An Apartment In Israel

Online Real Estate Courses

In online courses you can learn about all the practical aspects of the real estate world regarding the purchase of houses and apartments in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv homes for sale and other parts of Israel.

In order for the course to be easy, it is divided into 130 lessons – each lesson of several minutes.

This is how I accompany the participant from beginning to end.

From the thought stage of investing in an apartment in Israel, the manner of engaging a broker, to the obligations of the broker, for the different types of real estate in Israel.

We learn how to register the apartments in Israel legally. I even go through all the clauses of the purchase contract and explain each clause. Of course, I also give practical tips on how to maximize the investment.

Where to invest, in which real estate, which is better, an apartment or a private house, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv homes for sale, or maybe Netanya.

Real estate course

There are many and varied courses that I teach regarding real estate in Israel.

All courses are on the one hand very professional but on the other hand are also intended for the general public.

I teach a course for Americans who want to get real estate brokerage license.

I teach a course of over 130 lessons of all the steps required to purchase real estate in Israel, to purchase a home in Israel and to rent a house and apartment in Israel.

Real estate ebook

I have recorded my experience in ten different books pertaining to the real estate world. All are available for purchase as ebooks.

The book Every Jew Must Own a Home in Israel I systematically go over everything that is needed on a practical level to purchase an apartment. The following is a list of the nine chapters of the 200-page book:

The broker in the real estate transaction * the lawyer *, the real estate registration*, the shared house*, sales contract, * the contract structure, * appraisal and value of an apartment*, tax*, improvement levy

In the ebook for renting an apartment in Israel, I give practical tips for Americans who want to rent out their apartments to others or rent an apartment for themselves in Israel. Everything isin English in a simple and accessible way. Below is a list of the chapters.

The contract and obligation, taxes, securities, discovery of defects in the apartment, the ability to use the apartment, the essence of the right of tenancy, rent payments during the lease, and breach of contract.

Real estate lectures

You can find my real estate lectures on various topics in Israel.

For example, on the subject of renting an apartment in Israel in a smart way.

The real estate lectures are based on my series of lectures on the subject.

Each lecture is less than ten minutes, and a total of twenty lessons.

To increase your involvement in knowledge.

The majority of viewers want informational and instructional lessons to be less than 20 minutes.