What are my feelings towards Rosh Pina?
I would like to give you a taste of what the city of Rosh Pina is for me personally.
Because regarding the regular information, anyone can easily read on Wikipedia or other sites.
Rosh Pina is Metula’s twin sister. The houses are the same houses. The atmosphere is the same. The trails are the same trails. Both were built together through donations by Baron Rothschild during the first aliyah in 1882. I am sure they are both planned and build by the same workers.
By the way, how were the stone houses built with the domes at that time? They would pile up a mound of dirt and then build the house out of stone around the dirt, with almost no bonding material. Then they would just take out the dirt and the house would remain built.
Next time you come to visit Rosh Pina please tell me what you see.
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