What are my feelings towards Nazareth?
I would like to give you a taste of what the city of Nazareth is for me personally.
Because regarding the regular information, anyone can easily read on Wikipedia or other sites.
Nazareth is a unique city. All those who slander Israel should come to visit Nazareth. See how Christian Arabs run the city excellently. Relaxed and satisfied. Welcoming tourists.
And those who want to feel Christmas atmosphere – feel free to walk around Nazareth and see how the city is decorated and beautiful.
Nazareth has a glorious history and from time to time I marvel and do not understand how Christians from all over the world can live without visiting Nazareth even once (and of course in Jerusalem and Bethlehem and Tiberias).
Next time you come to visit Nazareth please tell me what you see.
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