What are my feelings towards Jerusalem?
I would like to give you a taste of what the city of Jerusalem is for me personally.
Because regarding the regular information, anyone can easily read on Wikipedia or other sites.
I stand at the Jaffa Gate at the entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem and look around and find it hard to believe what I see.
And what do I see?
The beauty and power of people in a jumble. Arabs and Jews, Christians and tourists from all over the world. They are all huddled next to each other. People from all streams and with all the traditional costumes. They are all close together. Everyone is smiling and calm. At the Jaffa Gate there is no fear. I am sure that for hundreds and thousands of years this is exactly how people have behaved at the Jaffa Gate.
The walls of the old city, the ancient gate, the citadel of David from above, every stone there is steeped in history. On the one side you can see the old city. A look from the other side you see the modern Jerusalem.
In this place, at this specific point there is power and energy like I have not seen anywhere else. I have no doubt that at this very specific point Messiah will begin his journey :)
Next time you come to visit the Jaffa Gate, please tell me what you see.
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