What are my feelings towards Eilat ?
I would like to give you a taste of what the city of Eilat is for me personally.
Because regarding the regular information, anyone can easily read on Wikipedia or other sites.
Where in the world will you find such a spectacle? I am a 16-year-old young man standing on the mountain and looking around and having a hard time believing what I see.
And what do I see?
I see 4 countries at a glance – Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
I can see 2 continents at a glance – Africa and Asia.
I can see 3 quiet borders even though there is no peace agreement with 2 of the 3 countries.
I see a long cut in the ground – one of the places that most influences the movement of continents around the world – the Syrian-African rift.
Seeing children on motorboats accidentally cross the border into the country without a peace agreement and return without a problem.
Next time you come to visit Eilat, please tell me what you see.
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