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Buying an apartment in Israel - Written Fee Agreement

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In all my years as a lawyer, I have been debating whether it is better for the client to sign a written agreement regarding the fee with the lawyer or not; an understanding that, of course, also defines precisely is the scope of the lawyer’s role.

Most of the disputes that may arise in real estate transactions between a client and his lawyer relate to two issues: The amount of his fee and the scope of the lawyer’s work and responsibilities.
Regarding the lawyer’s fee, the disputes are usually limited because it is customary to summarize the lawyer’s price based on a percentage of the transaction.

This matter should be standard, ordinary, and well – known, However, disputes arise mainly regarding the scope of the lawyer’s work and responsibilities because it is sometimes impossible to anticipate the size of the lawyer’s job.

Given the many variables that depend on it, in my humble opinion, there’s a clear decision on one side or the other the reader/customer must decide of his discretion.

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