Written document requirement and requirement of signature on document

The written Requirement is not a “signing a contract” requirement.
In the Realtors Law, there is no ‘requirement to sign the contract, ‘as the law requires matters of approval of company bylaws or the approval of a will, guarantee, etc.

Regarding the necessity of requiring the client to sign a brokerage agreement, the District Court writes that there is no supreme court ruling on this question, and after reviewing an order by the District and Magistrates Courts, found that most of the legislation supports the opinion that a claim for brokerage fees in which a written agreement will be rejected.

However, the court insisted that they began to root in commas and other opinions based on distinguishing between different types of transactions, such as distinguishing between regular property brokerage and complex business or financial brokerage.

Client’s claim as to their signature’s validity Sometimes a question is asked about the validity of a client’s signature on a legal document, because he did not understand the document he signed, or whether the agent did not explain the contents of the paper in advance or many claims in this form.

This matter is essential for brokerage fees and similar allegations in the signing of a sales agreement. It is also that the applicant must contradict this power, and the burden of Hara Yiaand’s persuasion is imposed on positive evidence and the level of probability of an imminent possibility.

This little substantive interest can be reluctant.
Because according to Section 8 of the Agent Law, the agent’s obligation to trust, fairness, and the existence of its charges in an acceptable way indicates that it is appropriate for the agent to explain to clients the meaning of the form and the meaning of the term “exclusivity,” especially when it comes to people who do not master the Hebrew language, even if they are not new immigrants.

In conclusion, it would be good for a client to carefully examine the document he is signing in advance since it will be difficult to shake off its contents in the future.

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