What to Consider when Choosing a Lawyer?

Buying an apartment in Israel - What to Consider when Choosing a Lawyer?

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First, choose the lawyer only after the other party has chosen a lawyer on his behalf.

Second, suppose I know that the client is very interested in executing the deal. In that case, I will look for a lawyer with good ‘chemistry’ with the other party’s lawyer, thus reducing the friction and increasing the chances of signing a contract.

Third, suppose you want to execute a transaction without delays. In that case, you should choose a lawyer whose office is located in the city where the property in question is located or who knows the area or at least has previously made transactions in the area.
An attorney in their familiar environment may more easily discover unforeseen property-related issues.

In addition, I would refrain from choosing litigating attorneys, i.e., attorneys representing clients in court. This is not just about different professions of law, but also professionals of a different nature, And even opposite.
A militant litigator lawyer is not like a real estate lawyer.
In the UK, India, and South Africa, there is a separation between these two types of lawyers (barrister and solicitor).

And finally, and forgive me, my fellow lawyers, I would recommend giving low priority to close relatives or good friends.
In choosing a lawyer from these circles, you enter into a less professional lawyer-client relationship which creates more inconvenience situations.

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