What is a Shared House?

Buying an apartment in Israel - What is a Shared House?
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This essay deals with purchasing an apartment that is registered in the register of condominiums.
This is usually a standard apartment in a building.
The building is referred to in the Real Estate Law as a ‘joint house,’ And although a structure built to the height of a joint house can be constructed laterally, i.e., it can include many detached dwellings with common areas, such as aisles, gardens, parking lots and more.

Section 52 of the Real Estate Law defines a condominium – a house with two or more apartments and is entered in the register of condominiums.

An apartment is a room or cell or a system of rooms or cells designed to serve as a complete and separate unit for residence, business, or other needs.
Do not attach too much importance to the term ‘apartment’ as it appears in the “tabu.”
This definition is far from the reports in the Planning and Building Law.

A warehouse or store can undoubtedly be listed simply as an apartment.
The term apartment in Real Estate Law is much broader than what is expected in human language.

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