What Appears in the Wording of the “Tabu”

Buying an apartment in Israel - What Appears in the Wording of the "Tabu"

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In the wording of the “tabu,” the owners’ names will appear first, and their share in the land in a decimal fraction, as well as the document by which the right was registered and the date on which the ownership was registered.

Below the owners’ names will appear the names of the tenants with the word ‘rent.’
Here we are referring to a lease of 25 years or more.
Here, too, their share will appear in real estate, in decimal fraction, document number, and registration date.

Next to them will appear physical details of the real estate – the classification of the real estate as an apartment, shop, and more, as well as the size of the property in question as well as the attachments to the property, such as a storage area, yard, parking or roof.

Below this will appear other transactions concerning the owner, such as her mortgage – the organization that gave the loan, such as a mortgage banker.

Next to the mortgagee will appear the amount of the mortgage, or it will seem unlimited in the amount, the names of the borrowers and their details, the date of registration of the mortgage, and the number of the bill.
In addition, such warning notes will appear to restrict the registered rights holder.

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