Uniqueness of the Profession

Buying an apartment in Israel - Uniqueness of the Profession

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By law, Certain administrative and registration actions must be done only through an attorney:
“The actions enumerated below will not be done through an occupation, or for exchange even not through occupation, but through a lawyer; and these are the actions …
He represented another person and any other action in his name before the Land Registry 1952.

The authorized clerk in the matter of the Condominium Law, 1952: the Director for the Real Estate Appreciation Tax Law, 1949 Preparation of documents of a legal nature for another person, including representation of another person in legal negotiations before the preparation of such a document; legal advice and assessment. ”

Registration of lands and houses, preparation of legal documents, representation of a person in legal negotiations, and the issuance of legal opinions are matters that are carried out by law solely through lawyers.
A client may give a power of attorney to be represented before all state authorities, although others are also permitted to do so under certain conditions.

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