Time when the charge for the improvement surcharge was created

All tax charges have a date on which the tax charge is ‘born’, as well as an additional date on which the taxpayer is required to pay for the tax, and the two dates do not always coincide. In the case of an improvement levy, there is one date on which the tax cause is created or born and a later date on which the taxpayer has to pay the tax. Section 1, which is the definition section in the third appendix, defines “‘improvement’ – an increase in the value of real estate due to the approval of a plan.” When referring to a local outline plan or detailed plan and excluding a comprehensive plan, providing relief or permitting excessive use … ”

Therefore, the date of the tax event; the determining date on which the tax event was created, is the date on which the plan approved by the local committee came into effect, or the date on which the owner was granted relief or permitted overuse.

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