The Value of the Apartment

According to economic theory, there should be a number of variables for assessing the value for a residential apartment.

Benefit: The ability of the apartment to provide its owner with the basic conditions required of it, and in our case, it is the ability of the apartment to provide the owner with the ability to live in the apartment.

Demand and Supply: Meaning, the number of apartments offered for sale in relation to the number of people looking for an apartment.

Desire: The ability of people to purchase an apartment beyond its benefit; the economic option of apartment seekers to improve their situation and purchase an apartment that beyond its basic benefit constitutes a roof.

Apartment data: The more suitable an apartment is for the wider public, the more positively it affects its value.

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Apartments in Israel
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Rise in the price index of input in residential construction from the year 1956 to 2021
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