The Register of Condominiums (shared housing)

Buying an apartment in Israel - The Register of Condominiums (shared housing)

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The rule is that the land ownership extends to all the depths below the ground and all heights above the ground.
The exceptions are real estate that is registered in the register of condominiums.
Section 11 of the Real Estate Law states: “Ownership of land extends below the land and it extends into the space above it …”

and further stipulates in section 12: “The ownership of the land also applies to what is built and planted on it and to everything else connected to it by a permanent connection, other than detachable connections.”

While real estate is registered in two dimensions in length and width, apartments are written in three dimensions.
If ordinary real estate is registered in a block and a plot, an apartment will be registered as a block, plot, and sub-plot.

There will also be a kind of ‘fourth dimension’ and registration of a block, plot, sub-plot, and apartment in complicated cases.
This is how it is in the Old City of Jerusalem.

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