The Property Agent Law is mandatory

The Realtors Law passed several amendments and received an interpretation of the court.
The consumer is weaker than the service provider.
That’s why there are provisions in the Realtors Act that can’t be conditioned – that is, to change them…
For example, it is clear to everyone that a person is not entitled to agree that a criminal offense will be committed against him.

The same is the law of agent – it cannot be regulated even if the parties have agreed to it.
Since this is consumer law, the law also enumerations formal provisions.

For example, the directive that someone who does not have a license to engage in mediation is not entitled to a brokerage fee, even if the client signs that he agrees to pay a brokerage fee. or the directive that details of the brokerage request form cannot be completed after it has been signed. Further provisions from the Realtors Law will be reviewed below.

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