The New Land Registration Method

Buying an apartment in Israel - The New Land Registration Method

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The new method is the registration of property rights, in which the land unit and its area are defined based on measurements and mapping.
The state does this through the “Mapi” Authority.

“Mapi” – Israel Mapping Center is a technical and professional body responsible for the measurements.
The Authority for the Registration and Settlement of Real Estate Rights publishes a notice regarding the lands approaching settlement with the data known to it so that anyone claiming the rights can come forth with his claims.

After a boundary survey, measurement, and investigation procedure, the findings are published on a rights board, and anyone who considers themselves wronged may file an appeal.
This measurement is very accurate and is tied to a national network of coordinates of horizontal control points. This method ensures a complete registration of ownership of the land.

During the British Mandate, land registration was by blocks and plots.
A registration block is a subplot of ‘village’ land that includes several plots that constitute a unit of measurement and registration.

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