The Meaning of the Term Sweeping Conditioning

Severity, the thoroughness inherent in them, and the distinctions as such.
If several issues are described in one clause, stating that the violation of each of them will be considered basic, then the group or collection or mention of the various issues together without distinction to deny the validity of the determination that the violation of any of these issues is fundamental, as stated, all the plausibility of a sweeping determination has not yet been proven.

All this as long as the fact that such a claim could not have arisen in respect of any of these issues per se if the determination of its fundamental breach had been made in a separate and independent provision in the contract.
Therefore, if the whole issue is mentioned in a separate stipulation, proof of reasonableness will not be required.

But if it is said in a sweep, across the board, and without distinction – evidence of reasonableness is needed.
It should be noted that according to the ruling, the objective test of reasonableness at the time of signing the contract of the reasonable person.

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