The Level of Professionalism and Loyalty Expected of a Lawyer

Buying an apartment in Israel - The Level of Professionalism and Loyalty Expected of a Lawyer

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A lawyer is an integral part of the court’s efforts to do justice, and it is stated in section 54 of the Bar Association Act: “In the performance of his duties an attorney shall act in favor of the client in trust and devotion, and shall assist the court in doing justice.”

According to Article 2 of the Rules of the Bar Association (Professional Ethics), 1986: “A lawyer will represent his client with loyalty, dedication, fearlessness while maintaining fairness, respect for the profession and respect for the court.”

These laws determined that ‘faith’ means truth and honesty, and ‘devotion’ means diligence and purity, with the client’s interest at the forefront of the lawyer’s concerns.
The lawyer has a special status in the eyes of a court and is considered a court officer whose job is to assist the court in doing justice.

The lawyer represents the rule of law and is perceived as part of the legal system; therefore, he must be loyal to the laws of the state and have a professional and ethical level appropriate to the profession and the trust that the client, the courts, and the public expect from him.
By all accounts, a lawyer’s level of care and responsibility required is exceptionally high.

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