The Lawyer as the Client’s Representative

Buying an apartment in Israel - The Lawyer as the Client's Representative

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A lawyer is like an extended arm of his customers.
His mission is built on loyalty and trust, and when there is no loyalty, there cannot be a mission.
A lawyer is a messenger and the long arm of his sender, and just as an arm has no power of its own, it is subject to the command of the head and will do only what the head commands or allows her to do, and so the law of a messenger owes its very existence to its sender.

The general fiduciary duty stipulates that the one sent must act fairly and faithfully, according to the best interests of the sender, while moving away from any situation where there is a possibility of a conflict between the sender’s interest and the interest of the one sent He must free himself from any personal interest, with a complete reference to the sender’s interest.

The greater the power of the emissary, the more is expected of his conduct; appropriate and stringent proper behavior will prevent him from abusing his power.

Against this background, it can be determined that the general fiduciary duty of the one sent is to always see the client’s interest as the overriding interest and to prefer it over his claim.
He must be devoted to the sender, act in his favor, and only for the client’s benefit.

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