The cracking of the improvement levy

“The improvement levy is based on the principle of distributive justice, one of the implications of which is that those who benefit from the planning activities carried out by the authority with public funding will share their enrichment with the community in which they live.

“Local – as opposed to the state treasury. These purposes that underlie the improvement levy support the conclusion that the one who should bear it should be the one who actually benefits from the increase in the value of the land.”
One can only add the words of the poet, “Man is but the land of a small land, man is but a pattern of the landscape of his homeland.”

The improvement of one’s land sometimes comes at the expense of the other, and especially in his immediate surroundings.
Therefore, the improvement levy funds allow the local authority to compensate the immediate environment, whether as direct compensation for the decrease in the value of the adjoining land under section 197 of the Planning and Building Law, or through the development of the land in the area in question.

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