Specify customer information on the request form

When it comes to the reporter’s requirement, it has already been determined in the judgment that when there is no doubt in the matter the identity of the agent and the client, there will be no technical disadvantage in not specifying their identification numbers to make the brokerage agreement.

Description of property in a request for real estate brokerage services form Request form The ruling by Trans Global Property Agency Ltd. Dealt with a case in which the type of transaction as specified in the form as “finding a store,” and the court ruled that the text does not meet the requirements of the regulations that explicitly state that the type of transaction should be specified such as sale or rental.
Although it was clear to both parties that the customer was interested in hiring a store, all this.

Including transaction cost in a request for real estate brokerage services form Request form Regarding the requirement to detail the transaction price “approximately,” Judge Gross noted that.

And the question of the validity of a brokerage order that said nothing about the transaction price remained open. Still, the ruling may give an accommodative interpretation of Section 9 of the Realtors Law over time.

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