Sale of apartment during exclusivity period, but not by the broker

It was ruled in court that the very term “exclusivity” in itself does not derive from the right to receive brokerage fees when the transaction was made, not through the agent.
This is provided that the agent has carried out the marketing activities he undertook.

It was determined that even without the special conditioning of the brokerage fee “in any case,” it is easy to see the commercial logic at the basis of the exclusivity transaction.
However, the brokerage fees do not come to his credit even if he did not agent any transactions with his client.

However, if, despite his efforts, he failed to be an influential factor that led to the contracting of the transaction – for what would he receive a brokerage fee for?

B.As for the customer’s point of see, He was able to give the property to many realtors, thereby seemingly increasing the chances of selling the property.

The preceding does not, of course, come to negate the biblical tuk-tuk, which is included in the exclusive brokerage agreement, Regarding the payment of brokerage fees “in any case,” but to show that it is quite
possible that a brokerage agreement exclusively even without conditional 26:

Therefore the fact that the title of the agreement indicates in large and prominent letters that it is an exclusivity agreement, from this fact in itself indeed does not stem from the fact that the agreement includes a condition regarding payment of brokerage fees (during the period of exclusivity) “in any case.”

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