Right of ownership or rent in the apartment

Buying an apartment in Israel - Right of ownership or rent in the apartment

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An apartment can be registered in the Land Registry in the Register of Condominiums, only in ownership or in the form of a lease for generations; i.e., renting for at least 25 years and often very long, say 999 years.

An apartment cannot be registered any other way since the Real Estate Law does not recognize any other right in this matter.
A seller can sell, and a buyer can buy only a right of ownership or a request of the lease, there is no other option.

And as explained above, during the life of the transaction, from signing the contract to registering the apartment in the name of the buyer – the rights that the parties have are contractual rights, and from the moment the apartment is in the name of the buyer, the transaction officially ended, and from that date onwards it is his with all its rights and all that is implied.

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