Recommendation for Seller’s statements for Non-Compliance

As mentioned, I recommend the seller of an apartment make many accurate statements that reflect reality. If the apartment has been rented for years, the sellers will declare that the apartment is rented, and below are the number of times the tenants have contacted regarding problems in the apartment.
On a certain day, they called about a blockage problem.
On an anonymous day, a plumber was hired at their request.

Since the plumber was sent, the tenants have not reported any further problems. A letter from the tenants confirming these facts can also be attached to the contract.
You can, for example, attach the plumber’s contact details and require buyers to declare that they have spoken to him.

If the seller closed a balcony, he would declare that he closed it unprofessionally without checking with the municipality whether a building permit is required. If there is a smell or noise or particularly problematic neighbors, I recommend putting everything in the contract, and as mentioned, making many accurate and correct statements.

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