Purpose of the law, clarity

The law’s wording indicates that one of its main objectives is protecting the customers.
It will be apparent to them which assets will be presented to them and avoid unnecessary discussions about who was the influential factor in signing the agreement.

This purpose of the law was also clarified in judgments regarding the advantage of enacting the Agent Law.
If the agent adheres to the requirement and signs the customer with a written invitation, this clarity will benefit both parties.

They’ll both understand that they’ve entered a business relationship that requires the agent to provide the service and the customer to pay for it.

An extension of this matter can be found in another ruling that says that the law essentially comes to regulate the same loopholes in the relationship between agent and their clients, to which we are new witnesses to various cases in the court.

Whether the brokerage action was indeed ordered, what the customer’s obligations were, whether the agent agreed that they would not charge brokerage fees, but only from one of the parties, the rate of brokerage fees agreed and more, and the number of disputes that still resulted in the conflicts still being discussed in court in this area of the outbreak.

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