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During the period of Ottoman rule, until its replacement by British rule in 1917, a landowner held a deed signed by an official on behalf of the Ottoman government stating that he was the landowner.
Or in the language that prevailed then – “Kushan,” a certificate showing ownership of the real estate.

The holding of the deed was of great importance.
The purchaser could trade and sell the land by physically transferring the deed to the buyer.
Over the years, the evidential value of the holder of the title deed “Kushan” as proof of land ownership has decreased.

Still, at the same time, even today, the holder of the original title deed certainly has an evidentiary advantage as proof of ownership of the real estate.

From the Ottoman period until today, an owner of land rights physically receives the bill “Kushan,” only after registering the transfer of ownership of the land with the Land Registry, known as “Tabu” Thus, the status of the purchaser changes from the owner of rights in the ground to the owner of the property in the Real Estate.
This distinction is of great importance, as we shall see below.

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