Prohibitions on Remuneration under the Bar Law

Buying an apartment in Israel - Prohibitions on Remuneration under the Bar Law

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To give tools to clients who find themselves in an unpleasant situation where the lawyer asks them for an exorbitant fee after giving his services, I will provide several guidelines in this matter.

First, the Bar Association may compel a lawyer to reduce his fee as to cases where the parties have agreed on an excessive price in a matter which depends on the outcome of a trial which is not a criminal matter.

Another critical issue that many are unaware of concerns the fact that a lawyer is not allowed to negotiate with clients on a flat rate, which includes the fee and expenses that the lawyer had in the matter.

Also, the lawyer is not allowed to receive his fee by any means other than money.
Anyone who has paid a lawyer more than he is entitled to may demand the return of the balance, notwithstanding any agreement.

Another provision concerns the prohibition of the lawyer to share in his fee a person who is not a lawyer, and therefore a lawyer is prohibited from paying the broker who referred a client as part of his fee.

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