Prohibition of Recordings by the Lawyer

Buying an apartment in Israel - Prohibition of Recordings by the Lawyer

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A lawyer cannot record a client without his knowledge, nor is he allowed to register the lawyer who represents the other party to the transaction without his knowledge.

In some cases, a client has asked a lawyer to record his conversations about the other lawyer to be involved and updated in the details of the negotiations, and this too is forbidden.
All this is for lawyers to feel relaxed in conducting negotiations and clients to feel comfortable and revealing towards their lawyers.

If the lawyer has violated this prohibition, he may not use the recordings.
This matter is fundamental, especially nowadays, in light of the frequency and accessibility of the recordings.
It should be noted that the ban on recording calls does not concern the customer himself.

In other words, a client is legally allowed to record conversations he is a party to and even records his conversations with his lawyer And in terms of section 22 of the Code of Ethics of the Bar Association:

(A) A lawyer shall not record a conversation with his client or with another lawyer, except with their knowledge … (B) A lawyer shall not make use of a recording made in violation of this section.

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