Names from the beauty of power

The power of attorney will rarely be in favor of an entity that is not a lawyer involved in the transaction.
In most cases, the seller’s and / or the buyer’s lawyers and / or external lawyers will be empowered.

There is usually little importance attached to names with power of attorney, but this should not be taken lightly. Each and every one of the attorneys who are able to act with power of attorney are responsible for acting in accordance with the provisions of the power of attorney.

Therefore, some lawyers will prefer not to be registered in the power of attorney.
For example, the seller’s lawyer will prefer not to be listed in the power of attorney designed to delete the cautionary note recorded in favor of the buyer, if the latter will break the contract.

And why? Because such a step is drastic and dramatic, and whoever acts in this way takes great responsibility.
If the seller’s attorney does not appear in the power of attorney, he cannot be sued for refraining from acting through the power of attorney.

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