Mittellin sold with the apartment

It is customary to define the apartment as including everything permanently connected to it. Therefore, items not included in this definition should be explicitly listed as movables that are sold along with the apartment.

The value of the transaction can be separated between the apartment and the movables sold together with the apartment; in the list of movable, we will mention the chandeliers, the wall cabinets, furniture as well as electrical products, such as a stove, a garbage grinder that can be dismantled more easily.

The definition of the apartment is more complex.
One needs to define what is the apartment itself; What are those movable items that are sold together with the flat since they are ‘connected to the apartment by a permanent connection’; Finally, the same movables must be listed in a separate list, which, even if not included in one of these definitions, are sold as part of the transaction.

The apartment is easy to define physically – it includes all the components that cannot be separated except by breaking, demolition, etc.
This definition includes the walls of the apartment, the grass in the yard, the electrical wires in the walls, etc.
The fact is that the apartment includes everything connected to the apartment permanently; physically attached to the apartment and the purpose of fixing the item to the apartment takes into account the exact circumstances of each case.

This definition includes faucets and sockets, ceiling light bulbs, windows, a thin floor that is nailed to the floor, a wall-to-wall carpet that is glued to the floor walls, and the wall cabinets in the kitchen.
It is less clear whether a split air conditioner is included in the list, as well as custom-built wall cabinets that are fixed in children’s rooms, as well as stoves that are fixed to the marble, or, for example, a detachable pergola, and an alarm system, water purification system, central vacuum cleaner motor or air conditioner remote control.

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