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Buying an apartment in Israel - Lawyers' Insurance Policy

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Even if you believe the lawyer that he has an insurance policy, insist on getting a copy, and so that the lawyer is not offended, use the old and corny ploy: “Obviously I believe you, but my mother-in-law who helps us finance the purchase of the apartment insists on getting the policy.”

When a real estate transaction ‘gets’ complicated, it is customary to file a professional malpractice lawsuit against lawyers as well.

Lawyers have a total responsibility towards the clients, and sometimes even towards the opposite party.
Courts tend to aggravate any matter with lawyers and see them guilty in one form or another, and therefore charge them with expenses.

When the lawyers have a rich insurance company behind them, all the more so because they are known to have many financial resources.
The chances are higher to receive compensation when the claim is against the lawyer and also directly against the insurance company; hence, the end of an act is based on forethought.

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