How to Act in the Event of a Breach of Contract?

First, it is worthwhile to understand the subtleties in the difference between the types of breaches of contracts. This matter is of double importance.

First and foremost, the injured party should not decide to act instinctively, it is not worthwhile to work according to instincts.
The injured party naturally tends to be offended and angry, and often these feelings lead him to action.
An intelligent person does not act according to his emotion or ‘common sense, but rather analyzes his situation legally, consults a lawyer, examines the alternatives before him, and only then activates ‘common sense’ and chooses from the options, the ultimate choice for him.

For example, a case where one of the parties to the contract sends a notice of cancellation of the contract due to a ‘fundamental breach of the contract by the other party. Suppose it turns out that the other party has not violated the contract in an actual breach. In that case, the very sending of the cancellation notice may in itself be considered a fundamental breach of the agreement.

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