Expensive Lawyer Versus a Cheap Lawyer

Buying an apartment in Israel - Expensive Lawyer Versus a Cheap Lawyer

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Choosing a lawyer is almost as important an issue as selecting a spouse.

Often when I come to court, I find clientele standing next to an army of lawyers, and I try in my mind’s eye to ‘match’ between the lawyers and the clients.
It amazes me every time to find a match between the character and background of the client and that of the representing attorney.

The clear advantage of a client in choosing a lawyer similar to him is that there may be better communication between them, and it is not for naught that our sages said ‘the starling bird did not go to the crow, but he is of the same species.

No great wisdom, readers will say.
A low – income client will take a cheap lawyer and a wealthy client an expensive lawyer.
This is true, but not in all cases.
Sometimes it has to be determined by knowing the differences between them.

In a lawsuit: A physically injured person in a car accident is forced to file a lawsuit in court for compensation.
How many of you know that the attorney’s fee in such lawsuits is set by law and will be awarded to the attorney in addition to the compensation due to the plaintiff (claimant)?

The best, most expensive, most brilliant, and the most experienced lawyer gets high on such lawsuits, just like a lawyer who only got a license yesterday.

In real estate transactions, there is usually a match between the lawyer’s fee and the accompanying expenses of the attorney that the client pays; an expensive attorney incurs high expenses while a cheap attorney incurs little ancillary costs.

But this is not always the case, and sometimes the situation is the opposite, rather a lawyer with a small firm and lack of reputation can be more costly.
Clients should know how to choose a lawyer, not necessarily according to the old patterns.

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