Expected Breach of the Agreement

What has a party to a contract do if it seems that the other party intends to breach the contract shortly, even if it has not yet done so?

For example, the seller undertook in the contract to hand over the possession of the apartment in a week together with the air conditioners and cabinets in the children’s rooms, and during the buyer’s visit to the apartment, he saw that the seller had dismantled the air conditioners and cabinets.

After all, at that time, the seller had not yet breached the contract since the date of delivery of the possession had not yet arrived. At the same time, the buyer had already realized that the seller was about to breach the contract in a week.
In such a case, the seller’s behavior amounts to an expected breach of the sale agreement, and the injured party is entitled to almost all the compensation provided by law as if the seller had already breached the contract.

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