Examination of the wording of the “Tabu”, the Owner, the Property, the Liens

Buying an apartment in Israel - Examination of the wording of the "Tabu"

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Once we have understood everything written in the tabu wording, the careful buyer must perform several simple and critical tasks regarding the information that appears in the tabu wording.
Before signing the contract, of course.

First, check and ensure a complete identity and match between the owner listed in the tabu wording and the seller signing the contract.
Sometimes an identity number is missing, or it is new immigrants or inherited property, and so on.
In case there is no identity between the registration in the tabu’s wording and the sellers’ details, it is essential to update the tabu and adjust these details before signing the contract.

It is recommended to perform a match between the physical data of the apartment and what appears in the wording in the tabu; if everything exists in practice.
The apartment includes floor, location, size in square meters, linkage, and more.

Of course, up-to-date and reliable information must be obtained regarding the scope of the mortgage, as far as it is recorded, as well as the original documents for which warning notes were recorded, etc.
You can also order the files themselves from the Land Registry if necessary.

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