Examination of the apartment by the realtor or by the lawyer

Examination of the apartment in Israel

In a recent district court ruling, the question arose, how far does the commitment of a lawyer who advises the client on purchasing an apartment go: whether he should only review the sales contract and technical specifications or also the building permits.

The judge ruled that the lawyer’s role was not savvy in technical matters of the sale agreements; if a lawyer throughout the process represents the buyer, then the importance of the lawyer in a real estate transaction cannot be taken lightly.

The lawyer has a significant part of doing with the whole process and has responsibility in the process.
A lawyer can examine the legal situation related to the property for which the client hired him.
He wasn’t hired to do proofing or review the payment terms.
He was only hired to do all the forensic tests…

His duty is an increased duty in this matter when it comes to real estate property, usually one of the most significant assets a person acquires in his life.

These amounts are usually very high, which cannot be taken lightly.

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