Draft of the “Tabu”

Buying an apartment in Israel - Draft of the "Tabu"

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According to the Real Estate Law, a “real estate transaction” is the acquisition of real estate rights, and the transaction’s termination is only after the transaction has been registered in the “Tabu.”
As long as the registration in the land registry has not ended, the owner of the rights in the land has only a contractual right and not a property right.
Although other rights accompany the apartment, such as the apartment’s contents, movables, building rights, and more, all of these treats the rights to the apartment itself, as it appears in the “Tabu” wording.

The “Tabu” wording contains the basis for your transaction and the bulk of rights in the property you purchased.
To properly read the wording of the “Tabu,” I must teach you some history and several concepts, as minimally as possible; what are the methods of registration of real estate, what types of transactions are possible, what are land registers, and what are the existing rights about land.
So, let’s get started.

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