Disengaging the agent from activity

What’s the law if it’s the clients that keep the Mediator from being the most influential party in the world?
If they’re getting him out of the negotiations, or worse, giving him false information to fail in his actions?

This matter, unfortunately, happens more than once.
If I came across in person after the agent brought the parties together, the parties discovered that they were long-time acquaintances, the parties did not know their intention to buy/sell an apartment.
In this regard, it was determined that N.Y. Sivan’s intention to prevent brokerage fees is inconsistent with the duty of good faith.

Obviously, if an agent performs the initial and essential activity on his shoulders, i.e., gives a potential buyer the details of the sale, and then prevents him from continuing to carry out his work by doing a deliberate preventive action in bad faith, which is intended entirely to save the brokerage fees, this does not negate his eligibility for those brokerage fees.
Otherwise, the result would be that, in most cases, it would be possible to prevent an agent from agenting the brokerage fees by creating a disengagement with him after his action started the initial cause of the meeting between the parties.

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