Discontinuation of Attorney’s Treatment

Buying an apartment in Israel - Discontinuation of Attorney's Treatment

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This is different when terminating customer representation in the middle of representing a case.
“If a lawyer receives a case for his care, he may not stop dealing with it unless there is a disagreement between him and his client regarding the way of dealing with the case, or a legal problem or a professional, ethical problem, or due to non-payment of fees and expenses, or for any other reason justifying the discontinuation of working on the case.”

In this matter, I would like to pay special attention to the issue of the number of attorney’s fees.
There is hardly a lawyer who finds out too late that he has taken on a case that requires more effort than initially thought and rarely even causes a loss to the lawyer.
However, it should be clear that lawyers are not allowed to terminate the representation of a client, except few cases, but an error in the calculation of fees is not an exception to the rule.

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