Different options for apartment price components

Sometimes the final price of the apartment is different from the price listed in the contract of sale. Because it is affected by many variables such as: amount which is linked to the index and sometimes even to interest, price which will change due to tenants living in the apartment, price which will be affected by the dollar exchange rate against the shekel, division between real estate and movables, equipment and contents of the apartment, division between the apartment and building rights.

Payment not by financial means but in exchange for replacing a product or service, price which varies for compensation due to breach of contract, taxes that a party undertakes to pay for the other party, payments that a party undertakes to pay instead of the other party, construction or renovation of the apartment itself.

Apartments in Israel
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Average price for a 4 room apartment in Tel Aviv
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Rise in the price index of input in residential construction from the year 1956 to 2021
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