Difference between Real Estate and Movables

From a legal point of view, a distinction must be made between ‘real estate’ and ‘movables’ to determine what is included in the ‘apartment’ and what is not, and yet this distinction is not simple at all, and many disputes have arisen around this issue.

Section 1 of the Real Estate Law defines as “real estate” – land, everything built and planted on it and anything else connected to it by a permanent connection, other than connected things that can be separated.
From this, it can be concluded that anything connected to the apartment with a permanent connection will necessarily be considered part of the apartment and part of the sale.

But when it comes to specifying this matter regarding these and other objects, the matter is unclear.
Below is a partial list of objects that provoked controversy as to whether they were part of the apartment or not, in deals I was involved in: mezuzahs, built stove, closets, lampshades, large aquarium, huge flower pots attached to the ground, electric barbecue attached to the wall, outdoor ladder for the disabled and more.

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