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The old method of these books of deeds records is inaccurate, and there are quite a few shortcomings.
Therefore, the lands listed in these registers are unregulated; the method is based on an old British measurement intended to collect taxes from municipal landowners.
That is why it was also called ‘Gush Shuma’ at the time.
The block and plot listed there are not equivalent to the blocks of plots in other listings.

The boundaries indicated in them are inaccurate :
For example, the northern boundary of some real estate borders with a specific neighborhood and the southern with an anonymous neighbor.
Surprisingly, the most expensive places in the country are registered in the old method.
However, today only a tiny percentage of the land remains unregulated.

Since the notebooks are inaccurate, the law stipulates that what is written in them constitutes only apparent evidence of their contents and not beyond that.
Real estate that has undergone a regularization procedure has been recorded in the rights registers accurately, and therefore they constitute definitive evidence of what is a state in them.


Registry of Rights
The vast majority of Israeli land, over 95% of state land, has undergone an arrangement procedure and is recorded in the rights or shared housing register.
The areas in the country were divided into blocks, a defined area containing a plot or subplots.
Each plot is a continuous unit of real estate within the block.

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