Common additions to brokerage services form

From time to time, I find Agents adding the following information to a brokerage services request form:

1. Charge a property seller to report to the realtor any party interested in purchasing the property and refer it directly to the agent.

2. Charging the buyer to pay brokerage fees if he even in good faith transferred the transaction details to a third party.

3. Compensation for any damage caused to the realtor if an apartment buyer transfers the transaction details to a third party.

4. The brokerage fee, though the law did not limit the amount.

5. Because the price for which you will be charged and a brokerage fee includes additional renovations or additional charges beyond the cost of the apartment itself.

6. the customer has to positively update the mediator on every step taken regarding negotiations between the parties.

7. The client gives his prior consent that an agent will represent and receive brokerage fees from the other side without obtaining the customer’s prior consent regarding the other party’s identity.

8. The client should inform the other party that an agent is him and that he reached the other side through an agent.

9. Additional payment of brokerage fees if the customer exercises an option to rent the apartment for an additional period.

Without expressing an opinion about the legality of the clauses, or their ability to comply with judicial review, I will draw the agent’s attention to the fact that each additional clause must meet some conditions.

Giving the request form to the client request form The agent must provide a copy of the request form.

This obligation is explicitly enshrined in Section 5 of the Consumer Protection Law. It said a dealer about to sign a contract with a consumer must give him a reasonable opportunity to review the agreement before signing it and give him a copy of it after signing.

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