Claim to Reduce Damage Section 14 of the Contracts (Remedies) Law

The duty to reduce damage on the part of the injured party is simple and based on many interests: Social, moral, deliberative, and even economic interest.
The rule is that the victim must help by reasonable means to prevent or reduce the damage, which must be done as “man to man – not a wolf, not an angel; man to man – man” (Judge Barak in several judgments).

Otherwise, the rift between the parties will worsen, the court will have a more challenging job of causing compensation, and from a moral point of view, this should be the behavior.

Suppose a buyer visits the apartment before possession of the apartment and notices a water pipe that has exploded. In that case, he must close the primary tap to prevent flooding and ruining the parquet rather than wait for the floor to be destroyed entirely and then demand a new floor from the seller.

On the other hand, the damage does not have to be extreme for him to fulfill his duty to reduce the damage. Admittedly he should do what is likely to be done in the same circumstances.
But he should not be required to do much more than that. In the above case, he may have to turn off the tap or notify the seller immediately of the situation, but he has no obligation to find a plumber and pay him to take care of the matter.

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