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Even before the agent law was enacted, the Supreme Court established an unenclosed list of tests that could affect the effective agent’s realization of the transaction.
These tests are essential so that agents know what is expected of them.

On the part of the clients, these tests are also critical so they can know what to expect from the agent :

(A) The similarity between the original offer in which the agent was involved and the final contract, such as the subject of the property.

(B) The proximity between the terms of payment and its rates in the original offer and the final formulation of the contract.

(C) The passage of time between the original offer until the end of the transaction.

(D) The intensity of the mediator’s actions – the scope of contacts, meetings, and conversations with the parties.

(E) The existence of another party, which assisted the parties in obtaining the contract, and the degree of intervention of that other party.
(and) payment of brokerage fees by the other party (seller or buyer) and their proportion.

(F) The identity of the parties negotiating indicates the preservation of causal affinity.

(G) The parties relied on previous knowledge of the negotiations and action other than lifting the rope, where it was left, to create continuity in that process.

And if readers still don’t have enough tools to know whether an agent is entitled to their salary, this vital issue can also be addressed in the following way.
When it comes to property brokerage, the guiding rule is that the realtor receives a brokerage fee when, following his activity, the seller and the buyer agree with them.
The emphasis is not on the diversity of possible and different actions, nor their nature, but on the efficiency of the activity.

In other words, the brokerage should be a practical reason for the connection between the seller and the buyer to credit the agent with brokerage fees.

The agent’s salary is not determined by the extent of his trouble but rather by the size of his success. Therefore, there may be situations in which the delivery of the seller’s address to the buyer is sufficient to create an effective relationship between him and the buyer that the sale agreement was subsequently signed.

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