Buyer Statements

The buyer’s statements can be divided into those that are important to the seller because the buyer will declare them, and they will be written.
The seller will strive for the buyer to declare that he is buying the apartment without relying on the seller’s presentations beyond what is written in the contract.

In addition, he purchases the apartment as it is, as is, without the seller being required to make physical changes to it. Statements can be made that the buyer has inspected the apartment legally, physically, from an engineering and planning standpoint because the buyer’s decision to purchase the apartment was not based on the seller’s presentations beyond what is stated in the contract.

Buyer’s statements can include the places he went to inspect the apartment and the documents he reviewed, such as the local authority, the Land Registry, the Israel Land Administration, the building permit, Form 4, drafting the ‘tabu’, the joint house plan, and having the help of professionals such as an appraiser, Mortgage banker, engineer, architect, and lawyer.
The buyer can also declare that he has the financing required for the payment due.

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