Attachment of Common Property

Buying an apartment in Israel - Attachment of Common Property
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The word ‘linkage’ is misleading.
It is not a question of a physical linkage of the common property to a particular apartment.
The common property will be physically adjacent to the apartment but linked in terms of affiliation.

According to the Real Estate Law, parts of the common property can be attached to a specific apartment, and for our purposes, it does not matter how this is done.
Still, it is worth noting that a ‘healthy’ apartment is an apartment that includes the essential elements for it – parking, storage, easy access to the apartment, and more.

In cases where no logical elements are supposed to serve the apartment in question, this matter should be examined in depth.

I came across endless creative ideas in this regard, and suffice it to mention a building in which it was decided that almost all the lobby, warehouses, and parking lots would be removed from the common property and attached to a specific apartment so that a synagogue and banquet hall would be built in these areas.

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