Association of a Lawyer as a Company

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Here is the place to write a few words about not limiting the lawyer’s liability towards a client.

A person operating in a ‘limited liability company’ protects himself from personal claims, which is the practice of service providers, such as contractors and technicians.

A lawyer may also be incorporated within a company for tax purposes and not for liability because the company is not limited in liability.

In other words, a lawyer is not allowed to be incorporated as a limited liability company, protected by lawsuits. A lawyer will never be liable for his work personally: “A lawyer shall not engage in his profession as a member of a law firm unless the following are met:
(1) The company is registered in Israel under the Companies Ordinance and has no restriction on the liability of its shareholders …”

A law firm is held liable for any act or omission in the cases its members acted as lawyers.

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